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How will Brexit affect your business?

A new 280-page PMI-Media report “Brexit: Threats and opportunities to the UK’s aerospace industry” will provide the first authoritative guide on the impact of Brexit to UK companies across all tiers of the supply chain. The implications of the EU referendum vote have yet to be fully understood and will have many different impacts – positive and negative - to UK aerospace companies, depending on their product and programme portfolios. This study will take in the views of all key players – from EU-based programme managers to UK and EU government experts, trade association representatives, financial and industry consultants, social partners and manufacturing companies themselves – to build a comprehensive picture of the threats and opportunities awaiting the UK’s aerospace industry as a result of the referendum decision.


Part one: A strategic overview of the UK’s aerospace business and the potential impact of Brexit.
• Negotiating an exit – how general trading conditions are likely to change (including regulation, market access, freedom of labour movement) post Brexit
• The cost of raw materials, labour
• EU support for research, development and support – a review of current levels of support, the key programmes and alternative funding options
• Supply chain issues: relationship with primes, niche supply chain areas, non-EU competitors and customers.
• The impact of Brexit on mergers and acquisitions of and by UK aerospace companies
• Potential investment opportunities in UK aerospace by non-UK companies post Brexit
• The impact of Brexit on aerospace relationships with customers and suppliers in north America, China, the Middle East, Latin America, the Far East and Russia.

Part two: Winning and losing programme work pre and post Brexit
The section highlights the key supply chain programmes which could be most impacted by Brexit. It will review UK company involvement - companies, contracts, expertise and regional clusters - in the following integrator supply chains networks:
• Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, Airbus Helicopters
• Dassault
• European Space Agency
• Leonardo Helicopters
• Safran

This analysis will be broken down into the following markets: airliners, business aircraft, engines, general aviation aircraft, drones and missiles, military aircraft (manned), rotorcaft, spacecraft, MRO and support companies. It will provide a future programme guide of the announced and potential launch dates for future platforms, aircraft and engines, and the key considerations for EU company involvement. It will also examine, tier by tier, the competitive landscape to the UK supply chain, highlighting where competitors will seek to take advantage of UK companies no longer trading within the EU. It will provide a broad competitor analysis, highlighting where EU-based companies could gain a competitive advantage, including competitors in north America, the Far East, the Middle East and elsewhere.

Part three: The view from EU-based companies of how their relationship with UK aerospace companies will change
We will conduct a series of interviews with key decision makers throughout the supply chain, from major integrators to tier three and four companies, to understand their views on how relationships and business with UK aerospace companies will change as a result of Brexit. We will also examine how aerospace companies in Norway and Switzerland have both benefited and faced obstacles as a result of being outside the EU.

Appendix one:
* The UK’s aerospace industry – turnover, areas of expertise, regional clusters (from the Midlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland, the South East, the South West, the North West, Wales), relationship with government, key programmes.
* The global aerospace industry – how the UK sits within the global aerospace industry ; the key relationships, trends in supply chain awards.

What makes this report unique, authoritative
• Timing. The report will be published at a time when key industry decision makers will have had time to gauge the impact of Brexit on their organisations and formulate plans to exploit new opportunities and manage potential problems.
• Access. We will be conducting a wide range of interviews with companies and organisations throughout the supply chain both in the UK and on continental Europe. Our analysis will be based on real-world experiences and views rather than high level trend identification. We have long standing relationships with major integrators and institutions based within the EU. As events and markets evolve we will report on how the relationships, business opportunities and programme decision-making will continue to change the marketplace in our November 2016 and March 2017 updates.
• Experience. Since 2004, PMI Media has built up a comprehensive picture of the global aerospace supply chain through its reports, services and customised consultancy work for a wide range of customers.

PMI Media are supply chain experts with unique access to EU companies and organisations
PMI Media is uniquely placed to undertake this study. Since 2004 the company has provided customers around the world with information on aerospace supply chain trends, through its Aviation Supply Chain Intelligence service. It provides an expert, independent view of changing relationships within the global aerospace supply chain, building up relationships with the key players in the process. It also has a strong base in European Union aerospace institutions.

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For more information please contact PMI Media Editorial Director Philip Butterworth-Hayes or call +44 1273 724 238

Available as an electronic publication of 280 pages, the report will be priced at £650.00

It will be available from 26th September 2016 with two updates – November 2016 and March 2017.

Future aircraft programmes: competitive opportunities for aerospace suppliers

Edition one COMAC

This is the first in a series of market analysis reports looking at the programme development plans of every major airliner manufacturer, identifying opportunities in the supply chain for aerospace systems manufacturers worldwide. It takes a sector by sector view (structures, electrical systems, fuel system, avionics, air conditioning and cabin pressurisation, landing gear, engines) and examines the key systems and components performance challenges, strategic customer/supplier relationships and other competitive issues which will determine the market opportunities, drivers and obstacles to major contract awards. Other reports in this series include Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer.

COMAC has announced its intentions of launching a twin-aisle airliner for entry into service in the middle years of the next decade (2020-2030).

This report identifies:
• New programme decision dates, potential production numbers, technology upgrade strategies
• Current strategic supplier/customer relationships throughout the supply chain which will have a critical bearing on future supplier decisions
• The industrial, technical and other drivers in the major sub-markets
• Other competitive issues – such as in-service support, transfer of technology, price.

This is the only comprehensive guide to future supply chain opportunities. This is more than the traditional type of production forecast available from other publishers. This service has been designed and created by PMI Media’s aerospace team to leverage its successful Aviation Supply Chain Intelligence Service (AvSCI) and provide users with essential, comprehensive and accurate analysis of supply chain issues as new programmes progress. Purchasers will receive two updates to the initial report within 12 months as progress on the aircraft plans evolve.

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Priced at £295/$475 per report. For all five reports the annual cost is £1,200/$1,900. All reports include two updates within the annual term of the subscription.

For more information please contact Philip Butterworth-Hayes or call +44 1273 724 238

Available as an electronic publication of 50 pages the report is priced at
£295.00 / US$475.00


The market for ATM equipment and services in India 2015-2019

“The market for ATM equipment and services in India 2015-2019” is a 185 page detailed study of the near future demand for ATM systems in India.

This report has been compiled to assist companies and organisations wishing to access the air traffic management market in India.

The report:
• Analyses long term Airport Authority of India (AAI) technology upgrade strategies
• Reports on near-term AAI spending plans
• Highlights recent contract award information, focusing on strategic industrial partnerships
• Details specific opportunities in different markets for new systems
• Outlines the current Indian ATM equipment supply industry
• Details airport by airport spending plans
• Provides a detailed and comprehensive breakdown of ATM systems currently in operation throughout the country
• Provides forecast growth analysis for airport and en-route services.
• Reports on underlying airline and population growth factors which are driving the market
• Reports on the impact of GAGAN on future navigational aid requirements

The 185 page report concludes that the market for ATM equipment and services in India will be worth $1.28 billion between 2015 and 2019. The market in India is being driven by three main factors: requirements to supply 50 new low-cost airports with navigation, communication and surveillance equipment; the equipping of new consolidated en-route centres and the introduction of next-generation systems such as ADS-B and precision satellite-based navigation concepts. The report analyses India’s current and strategic ATM development plans and “bottom-up” airport construction projects where new ATM systems will be needed.

For more information please contact Philip Butterworth-Hayes or call +44 7778 030633

Available as an electronic publication of 185 pages the report is priced at
£1,500.00 / US$1,2,250.00


The Market for Very Light and Personal Jets 2013-2019

One of our most recent reports, published in November 2013, examines the shape, extent and dimension of the re-emergent VLJ market.

This is the fifth edition of VLJ market reports published by PMI Media and analyses, in particular, the impact of new models recently entering or about to enter the market, addressing the following questions: Does this signify a new era – one in which the operation of personal jets will become a reality for thousands of private pilots? Or will the economic and regulatory hurdles that exist prove to be too much for a genuine new market to emerge? Is the air taxi market about to re-launch as economic conditions improve in Europe and North America? What will be the impact of the liberalising of personal and corporate jet ownership in the Middle East and Asia? How will Cessna and Embraer respond to developing competition? And – finally – what is the market really worth?

Available as an electronic publication of 95 pages
the report is priced at
£450.00 / €540.00 / US$720.00

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