About us
PMI Media is a UK-based publisher and consultant serving the global aerospace, aviation and defence industries.

We have three business streams:
• publishing our own market forecasts, databases and studies through a range of media
• publishing books, magazines and newsletters on behalf of clients
• serving the aerospace, aviation and defence industries through bespoke consultancy services.

We specialise in delivering information which is technically complex but vital for understanding critical, strategic markets. We work with inter-governmental agencies and global corporations on producing publications which are authoritative and influential. We work through an international network of journalists and commercial media partners to develop publications which are highly readable and cost-effective to produce.

Our principal company officers

Philip Butterworth-Hayes – editorial director
Philip Butterworth-Hayes is founder and editorial director of PMI Media Limited and consultant and writer on global aviation affairs. For more than 25 years Philip has specialised in delivering highly complex technical and industrial aerospace information. He has authored a wide number of globally successful reports and studies based on future markets and analysis of current aerospace trends. His aviation background includes posts as the director of communications and strategy at the Civil Aviation Navigation Organization(CANSO) in Amsterdam, the Manager of Jane’s Air Transport Division and lead consultant for Jane’s Information Group on civil aviation consultancy studies, founding editor of Jane’s Aircraft Component Manufacturers, Jane's World Airlines and Jane's Airport Review, a former editor of Interavia Aerospace Review, Airports International, Jane’s Defence Industries, Jane’s Military Aircraft and several unmanned air system publications. He has been an aviation consultant to BBC Television and Time-Life books.

Tim Mahon – commercial director
Tim Mahon has more than 25 years’ experience in providing professional information and consulting services to the defence, security, aerospace and transportation communities. He has a broad base of experience in sales, marketing, consulting and general management and a record of sales achievement with responsibilities up to $75 million and team management up to 140 in European and US environments. Tim is the commercial director of PMI Media Limited.

His main activities and responsibilities as a consultant are to:
• Provide consultative expertise to industrial and governmental organisations, primarily in identifying, addressing, sizing and analysing market potential for new/existing products/services in defence, security and aerospace communities;
• Present engagement briefs and conclusions, final reports and analyses, discuss with client
• Provide central sales and marketing resource to develop new client base.