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Digitising the aviation supply and support chains

This new report from PMI Media, to be published in late 2019,  will examine new digital B2B communications, computerised inventory management, augmented and virtual reality platforms, IoT and other new software enhancements are changing the way aircraft are being developed, built and supported.

It will report on how new more electric and digitally integrated aircraft – airliners, fast jets, business jets and rotorcraft – are reforming the supply chain and the aftermarket sectors.

We will look at how these new technologies are impacting all levels of the supply chain, changing the relationship between aircraft and engine OEMs, their systems and parts suppliers and the software companies who are making these new relationships possible.

We will examine how these trends will impact future relationships – especially how suppliers in the first, second and third tiers should develop new digital policies to increase their competitiveness and increase their access to new markets. We will examine how these new technologies will impact the aftermarket in the 2020-2025 time frame.

We will examine this market from the top down and the bottom up. We will take a detailed look at how key programmes – the Boeing 787, Airbus A350 among others – are and will continue to change supply chain relationships.

For more information on this report please contact the editor, Philip Butterworth-Hayes.

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