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Training & Simulation Forum
A unique forum for the global training and simulation community

The Training & Simulation Forum www.trainingandsimulationforum.net is an interactive industry- and user-intelligence website for the global training and simulation community.

Focused initially on the military training and simulation sphere, it is our intention to expand this over time into adjacent markets – such as homeland security and emergency services – and into the civil training, simulation and education market – such as civil aviation and medical simulation.

The Forum is a unique space in which to access news, market intelligence and opinion. It currently offers three services: a news service, aimed at providing timely and comprehensive coverage of events within the military market; a directory of over 700 global training and simulation suppliers; and an articles/interviews section to cater for more discursive and extensive treatment of key issues and topics.


Over the next few months the forum will develop to include:
• National profiles: what equipment or services are in use in key consumer nations;
• A directory of users: organisations that specify, procure and use training and simulation equipment and services;
• Sector profiles: more detailed examinations of the trends, technologies, commercial practices and developments shaping key industry sectors;
• White papers and special reports: occasional essays on and surveys of topical issues of importance;
• Discussion forum: an interactive space to promote discussion, debate, networking, exchange of views and continuing education in our community;
• A calendar of conferences, colloquia and events;
• A contracts service.

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